Aspire (Plymouth) Luxury City Centre Accomodation

Aspire House is the publicly acclaimed conversion and extension of an existing derelict commercial building in the centre of Plymouth which was transformed into the highest standard of student accommodation available in the city.

This scheme is an excellent example of re-using post war architecture that has reached its end life while breathing a new lease of life into an area of Plymouth City Centre which has otherwise lacked investment.

Commercial spaces have been retained on the lower stories below 64 spacious and modern living apartments, including large studios, demi-studios, and two-and three bed multiple occupancy apartments.

The building incorporates state-of-the-art security system, CCTV and video entry system as well as smart technology for heating to maximise the energy efficiency of the building.

The green ethos of Creative Construction and Developer is demonstrated by the roof of Aspire House being covered in solar PV panels that within the first year of use saved 8,619.63 kg of carbon dioxide emissions which is the equivalent of planting over 28 mature trees.

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