Fig Tree House

Fig Tree House is an environmentally friendly eco-build property designed by the renowned architect David Sheppard to blend seamlessly into the surrounding Cornish landscape in the picturesque village Cawsands.

This project overcame a complex set of engineering challenges integrating this 150 feet long unique dwelling flawlessly within the cliff-side.

The building takes advantage of finding the perfect balance of using traditional and cutting-edge technologies for retaining structures, traditional masonry, lime render, timber-frame construction, industrial aluminium roof with sedum turf covering, ground source heat pump, water bore-hole and solar PV panels.

The highly aesthetic value of the building was achieved using a combination of curves and splays with compound mitred wall to ceiling junctions, spring bow trusses and 50 foot long glazing system.

The high standard of finishes throughout was realised by each component being hand built on site by our own skilled and experienced craftsmen.